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New Podcast Show!

I left the podcast ended but not finished earlier this Spring and took time to decompress, do some healing, and decide if it was truly finished or not. The time off was very needed after hosting and producing Witchy Woman Podcast for four years. It was so much fun and I will never be able to express my gratitude properly for everyone who listened and was a part of the whole journey! I decided that it was finished and I needed to end it properly with an episode, and so I did. It was much different than the one I recorded in the spring but didn't release. It was much more up beat and optimistic, which I felt ended it much better than a sappy sobbing witch with tears dripping on the mic.

It was upbeat because I had the time to appreciate the whole thing after having all that down time from researching, recording, editing, and publishing an episode a week. I appreciate myself too and all the work I put into it all. I loved it so much that I felt like I was mourning a death at first. But now I can look back and smile at it all, even the really tough memories.

New Witch Podcast: Witchy Woman History

I decided I missed doing it all, even though it's a lot of work. So I started thinking about what I'm passionate about and what I could research and enjoy doing it. I landed on a feminist type subject centered around the witchy and occult characters and people in our history that have been demonized by the patriarchy. There are so many women, theys, and gays that have been destroyed by the patriarchy for how they represent things the 'church' and patriarchy are against. And so I will be focusing on that for this new podcast, Witchy Woman History. Some of the episodes will have real people in history and some will have characters in theology and mythology.

Lilith- The Top That Said No
Season 1 Episode 1

Lilith is our first subject for this journey and I felt she was the first woman vilified by the patriarchy. She said no, had sexual preferences, and when she voiced them she was cast out, punished, and used as an example of how not to behave according to the church (who was the patriarchy). Her and Eve were then used as examples of how women are innately rebellious and evil by nature. You can listen to the episode most everywhere podcasts are streamed. It is taking longer for Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts to list the new show, so in the meantime, you can listen on places like Spotify.

I have so much planned for this new show! It will be a once a month schedule on the first full moon of the month I think. It may change but that's my plan. I also have some fun live videos planned for later on. And Brad (hubby) has some really fun segment and Youtube video bits planned as well! It's all still in the beginnings of it all so make sure you sign up for my newsletter on the Home page so that you can keep track of what's going on!

Thank you all so much for going on this adventure with me! It's going to be amazing!


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