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Happy Spring Witches!

Spring Equinox Ostara Eggs in an offering bowl

Today marks the official beginning of Spring with the Vernal Equinox here in the northern hemisphere! I, for one, am so excited for some consistent warmer weather and to see my flowers start to sprout! Happy Spring witches!

On this day of beginnings, an ending has happened as well. We say goodbye to winter and the slower moving days. We are urged to leave behind things that will hinder forward momentum toward dreams, goals, and needs this year. So on this day, I do a bit of a life inventory so that I can identify habits, beliefs, relationships, etc that are best left behind. Because I'm extra, I like to get my favorite pen and some parchment paper at my altar with candles lit. I center myself and ask my Guides (you can ask your higher self, Universe, etc) to assist me in recognizing the things in my life that I need to let go of and I write those things down as they come. I take my time and try to identify at least 3 things. Not all those things will be easy to release, and some will take more than just a simple witchy ritual to complete. But the important thing is that I am setting the intention and asking my Spirit Team for some help with it all. I then place it in my fire safe offering bowl, light it on fire, and watch the paper turn to ash. Once the ash has cooled, I go outside and ask the wind to take away these things that no longer serve me.

With that done, I move to my intentions for the year ahead. I have a yearly ritual that I do that I want to share.

Spring Equinox/Ostara Ritual

You'll need:

1 egg (either raw or hard boiled)

Permanent marker or paint with paintbrush

Alternative supplies for doing this ritual inside:

1 rock (egg sized or larger)

Permanent marker

Plant fertilizer

Take an egg and write your intentions for this next quarter or even this year onto the egg shell. Permanent marker works well but you can also paint on it if you'd like. I tend to set goals quarterly, with the seasonal changes, but you do you. I like to write them in a spiral around the egg starting from the bottom and working up.

Find a tree in your yard, park, or maybe a plant (or where it will sprout soon) in your flower garden. Dig a small hole large enough for the egg to fit and bury the egg at LEAST twice the egg's height.

Some of you will think like I did one year when it was too snowy outside, and plant that egg with one of your houseplants. Don't do it. I buried mine one year down to the bottom of the pot. Eventually that egg will break down and rot. It WILL stink up your home and you'll spend a decent amount of time searching for the mystery smell until you realize your error back on the Spring Equinox. So, don't be like me.

If you need a variation of this so you can plant your intentions with a houseplant, I got you. Use a rock instead and then offer the plant some fertilizer in leu of the egg.

Once you've planted your intentions, center yourself and recite this:

"Beneath Ostara's gentle light,

I plant my seeds, intentions bright.

With each seed sown in the earth,

My dreams take root, my passion's rebirth.

As spring blooms forth, so shall I,

Manifesting dreams that touch the sky."

Meditate for a bit on those intentions and thank the tree/plant and thank it for assisting in manifesting your intentions and keeping them safe.

After all that, have some food and drink to assist in grounding yourself and recharging your energy!

I wish you all a very happy Spring Equinox!

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