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Witchy Woman Podcast

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Witchy Woman Podcast is hosted and produced by DaNae Sweet. The podcast launched in January of 2019 and started out as a way for DaNae to connect and share her life as a solitary witch in a rural conservative community in Nebraska. She has shared much of her personal struggles with her spirituality, mental health, her family, and also shares her knowledge with her listeners. One of her favorite parts of hosting the podcast is being able to interview other witches and magical individuals. This is a podcast for anyone that just wants to know they aren't alone in their journey through their witchcraft practice.

DaNae's spiritual and metaphysical education was spent earing her certifications for Mind Body Wellness Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapy at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Arizona.  She also has been reading cards and speaking to clients' beloved dead for over 10 years professionally and privately for over 15.  Her witchcraft knowledge spans over 20 years and many twists and turns in her journey of occult education.


Take some time and check out the latest episode and see how you feel about Witchy Woman Podcast. We always appreciate reviews on whatever platform you are listening on!

Would you like to be a guest on the podcast? Please email DaNae at and please add include the title "Podcast Guest Inquiry" to your heading so she doesn't miss the email!


Past Episodes

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