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I'm Your Host,
DaNae Sweet

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About Me

My spiritual and metaphysical education was spent earning my certifications for Mind Body Wellness Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapy at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Arizona.  I've also  been reading cards and speaking to clients' beloved dead for over 10 years professionally and privately for over 15.  My witchcraft knowledge spans over most of my life and many twists and turns in my journey of occult education.

I'm from western Nebraska, and grew up on our family cattle ranch. My childhood was filled with outdoor adventures and lots of animals to care for. I'm a bit of a crazy horse girl and still have horses in my care where I live now. Being a teen and a witch in this area was difficult, I hid my beliefs and books I would get on the subject. Music was a large part of my early years and I was definitely considered a band nerd. Yes, band trips and overnight stays with fellow band nerds were some of the most dear memories I have of high school. Looking at my future and being forced to choose what profession a 17 year old would like to choose for the rest of their employable life, I chose to go to college for music. I had a scholarship and was going to do Music Therapy and Psychology but burned out very quickly.


I'll skip over the rest of my college experience and tell you that I eventually dropped out after a few years because I just couldn't decide what I wanted to do with my life and didn't want to waste anymore money on tuition. Long story short, witchcraft and paganism came and went and came back into my life as I got older. Had my daughter along the way and my life became more full of love than I could ever have imagined! I lived in various places in the US and came back to my hometown in 2010 to help my father on our family ranch. I joined a band and became a cliche; married the bass player and co-vocalist of our band. Together almost 11 years this year!


I decided in 2016 that I would introduce this area to spirituality, Reiki, witchcraft, and being an example of flying that freak flag high! The podcast came as an idea for me to get my thoughts out and also share knowledge and ideas in the realm of witches, pagans, and spirituality. I am so very thankful for everyone that has listened to me ramble along on Witchy Woman Podcast! 

Witch raft and Spirituality podcast, Witchy Woman Podcast hosted by DaNae Sweet

Join us for insightful conversations, interviews, and explorations into the myriad facets of witchcraft. Tune in to discover the magic in everyday life and harness the power within. Witchy Woman Podcast is hosted and produced by myself. The podcast launched in January of 2019 and took a long break in 2023. I momentarily had a thought that I should end that one and start a new one, but recently decided that was not my path. So Witchy Woman Podcast lives again and stay tuned for new episodes!

Witchy Woman Podcast started out as a way for me to connect and share my life as a solitary witch in a rural conservative community in Nebraska. I have shared much of my personal struggles with her spirituality, mental health, and general witch life. One of my favorite parts of hosting the podcast is being able to interview other witches and magical individuals. This is a podcast for anyone that just wants to know they aren't alone in their journey through their witchcraft practice.

Witchy Woman Podcast Great Review
Witchy Woman Podcast Great Review
Witchy Woman Podcast Great Review

Past Episodes of Witchy Woman Podcast

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