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Witchy Woman Academy


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WWA is an online school to take classes on various witchcraft topics.  This academy was created at the request of repeated emails from listeners asking for formal classes to learn more about witchcraft. These courses are designed to give the student information but also ask the student how that information fits into their personal witchcraft practice. Everyone has a unique practice that fits their lifestyle and DaNae realized that courses should be more flexible and tailored to that mindset.


Formats are mixed with text and videos. Some courses may include quizzes and forms as well. New classes are added often!

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Magickal Mentoring 

Magickal Mentoring is a program to find who you are as a witch and how you'd like to practice witchcraft. This is a 12-week program that is offered in three 4-week semesters. Magickal Mentoring 1 will take you from identifying your limiting beliefs surrounding witchcraft and yourself, picking a Book of Shadows and Blessing it, symbols in witchcraft, and more. Magickal Mentoring 2 picks up and will dive deeper and take you into a conversation about protection magick and learning how to perform different methods of protection magic, color magick, the Elements, altars, and more! Magickal Mentoring 3 teaches about herb and oil basics, spell bags, jewelry and spells, spell creation, making the mundane magickal and more!

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Join Us For Some Fun Crafting!

Live Workshop via Zoom!

April 22nd at 6:00PM Mountain Time

**When booking, look for the 22nd, it will have a blue dot on it, select 6:00PM and click Next..then follow the instructions**

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