Spicy Fire Dust is a flammable mix of minerals that produce a bit of spark and then a flash of colored flames ranging from greens, blues, and even a bit of purple! 

Use this special fire dust to add dramatic flare to your spells and rituals! Also, add the use of this spicy fire dust to inhance the power of your spell and infuse the colors into the flame to increase the intensity of your spell!


This is a FLAMMABLE substance and is for curio purposes only because...liability.


Jars vary and are randomly chosen. Some have screw tops and some have corks.

Spicy Fire Powder

  • This is a flammable product and should not be used without proper ventalation in the room, fire extinguisher nearby, and never used by children! 

    Witchy Woman and all employees and owner of Witchy Woman are not responsible for damages incured by use of this product. By purchasing this product you release all liability from Witchy Woman and it's employees.