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Sweating, Hungry, & Muppets

Today was a hot as lava day. All the things were lava, not just the floor. I've been remodeling our slide in camper. We bought a 1980s slide in camper that nothing works in. It doesn't have a bathroom or anything, just a plain jane. It's suuuuper retro. I don't mind retro but the 80s weren't an era I want to relive. Anyway, the last few days have been like 100 degrees F and inside that camper it's been Satan's butthole hot. But I got it cleaned, painted, and new flooring put in. I have to do some other shit but I'm spent so I'm watching documentaries. Brad is out so I have the house to myself. I'm pretty crazy, I'm making zucchini and asparagus and ate a pb&j. I could have done the remodel stuff like a month ago but being me, I waited until the last 3 days before we had to use it for the first time.

We are going to the Elizabeth Celtic Festival and I've got a booth there. I'm so excited bro! I love the costumes and all the cool people! I also like dressing up in the ren fair type clothing. Man, corsets are the shit. No bras needed and it makes em look fantabulous!

Have you seen the live stream of the bigfoot with the saxophone on tikitok? I clicked on it the other day. Kinda weird. But also not drama or politics so it was ok. When I was a kid the thought of a bigfoot playing a sax online wouldn't have registered. We thought that we'd be like the freaking Jetson's. Kinda bummed I don't have a robot maid and a hover car. If I had to pick one though, I'd want a robot maid. I have shit to do. I don't have time to worry about freaking dusting and shit.

Holy shit one of the dudes on this documentary has super deep and bright blue eyes! Like BAM! BLUE EYES! He also has a small angular face that really contrasts his very round eyes. Man he's a trip! And a scientist.

Why does asparagus make your pee smell like garbage? It's so yummy, but it takes like a half hour and my pee smells like I'm some sort of human skunk or something. When I was a kid I thought zucchini and cucumbers were the same veggie. How was I such a dumb smart kid?

Our AC is hella loud. Like super loud. I get audibly overstimulated a lot but this week it has been sooo bad. And my latest complaint is the AC. Yes, I want it to be cool in here but also I don't want to fantasize about how I want to destroy that fucking ear hold assault machine! My go to fantasy lately has been a baseball bat. Just smashing it old school. Fire is always a good one though. Maybe a bit of gas, and some diesel for a slow burn. But alas, I'm a bitch baby and I need it to be cool up in this house!

There are so many little bottle brush things on the pine trees around our yard. 9 trees around 30ft or more tall have a lot of bottle brush things.

Who decided we all needed told what plants we can and can't eat? Plants. Veggies basically. Like seriously? Deciding a plant has no benefit and making it an illegal "substance" is stupid. It's the deciding what I can't put in my mouth that gets me though. Forget smoking stuff. Like who said that a bunch of adults need to be told no, you can't eat these fungi and those plants? We are adults. Also, your local greenhouse or garden store sells flowers/plants that can get you pretty zooted. So what makes those plants ok and others not? I just keep imagining a bunch of old white men sitting around a table, except they are muppets. They all are mumbling and it just sounds like a dull rumbly sound. Then one speaks up and says, "I'd like to propose we make some plants illlegal to eat. Citizens need to know who's in charge." And then they all yell "Hear Hear!". And then it was some laws. Period.

Zucchini, bellini, tortellini, rhyming with zucchini is hard.

Who was the first bored individual that licked a frog and found out that it was a way to trip? Seriously? WTF dude! I've never seen any animal and been like, man I think I'll lick that. No. Just no.

For reference I'm watching a documentary on psychedelics.

I just remembered I made food. I'm going to go eat. I hope that you had a beautiful day :)

Laters on the Menjay!

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Jul 15, 2022

Lol @ old white man muppets. But yeah, they still doing that 🤬 I need to find me some plants and start my own journal. You have inspired me!

DaNae Sweet
DaNae Sweet
Jul 27, 2022
Replying to

Do it!!!!!

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