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I started my podcast early in 2019 and it went from a fun little thing I would record while I was at my metaphysical shop to something that took off and pretty much consumed my life. I'm VERY grateful for every listener, supporter, and even the haters. I am grateful for all of it because it has shaped me and taught me so many things about people and about myself. This isn't a goodbye post but a hello to a new era.

The space between 2019 and now has hurt me irreparably but also birthed new possibilities, friendships, and many truths have been unveiled to me about myself and others. My spiritual and witchcraft practices are drastically different than when I started my podcast. I've went from sharing my eclectic, and sometimes a bit on the love and light side of things, practice to a much deeper and darker practice. I don't share as much of my path with the world anymore because I don't have to. Old me felt obligated to share everything because I had a podcast and I felt like my listeners had a right to that information. I have learned a lot about creating a podcast and keeping some things to myself is a big lesson. If I show everything is there anything that is just mine anymore? No.

Part of my not wanting to put out new episodes is because I needed to find a way to incorporate who I've become and what is important to me now vs old me. I've also felt apprehensive about sharing things because I don't know how listeners will receive me now. This is something I'm working on; not giving a shit what others think of me. I am pretty good most of the time but when it comes to disappointing large groups of people, I'm still insecure. People pleasing is hammered into us Midwestern people from a young age and I'm still unraveling all that mess.

I want to make a difference. Finding out what that is has been a journey in itself. I no longer want to fill an episode with meanings of herbs and pagan holidays but with information and content that makes people impassioned and motivated to create a change as well. This will look and feel different from my previous episodes and that is a good thing. We grow, change, evolve and this podcast should as well. It should reflect the changes in my magical and mundane life as well as the social and political climate that we exist in. Expect more than basic information and book reviews.

I also will be taking more time with my own practice. The podcast and doing readings have been great, but my practice has suffered. I love to learn, to experience new things, and dive deep into concepts that are deemed 'dark' or taboo. I will be doing much more of that for myself and my spiritual growth. The stack of books I have on my bedside table are titles by authors that provide that within their pages. There will be so much more of me communing with my ancestors, stepping into the darkness, and relishing in pleasures that are unknown to me. I want to be curious again and allow my Guides to show me things that make me wide eyed and give me goosebumps. Vulnerability taught me much in my earlier days and I want to experience that again and again. I will open myself up to the ebb and flow of the seasons and energy around me rather than trying to mold it into something I feel more comfortable feeling. I want to FEEL again and not just react to stimuli!

I'll be sharing bits and pieces of myself that will allow others to peek into what it feels like to surrender to my curiosities, create pleasure in every aspect of my life, and to breathe fire into the face of those who threaten our freedoms. You may not recognize me at first, but I assure you this part of me has always been there. I just needed time; time to allow this beast of a witch to free herself from the layers of pain, expectations, and past experiences that bound me. But I'm almost there. The planetary movements as of late have forced a rebirth of myself. I had no choice but to surrender to it or the sadness and void would erase me. I am called Witchy Woman, DaNae, mother, wife, animal lover, friend, daughter, and so many other roles. But witch is who I am.

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