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Kitty Glitter, ADHD, & A Bunny

Sooooo it's the end of the day and I was needing to clean so I hit up some Mary Jane and here I am now on the couch spilling my thoughts into the nothingness. I did get some cleaning done though, does anyone else get zooted and then clean? It's the only way I can focus long enough to get stuff done. Cuz #ADHD.

Today I found cat hair IN a drawer when I was cleaning! I get little kitty hair dust bunnies if I forget to sweep but IN A FUCKING DRAWER TINKERBELL!? WHY?! The drawer was closed but I'm sure at some point she squirmed her way into that drawer and left her 'kitty glitter' behind. I think sometimes she gets bored af and decides to find fun places to leave hair behind just to be an asshole. She has been rather spicy lately. I woke up night before last and she was laying on my chest staring into my fucking soul. Just like, 'Hey, Mom...I could have killed you but didn't. Just sayin'." She's that kind of character, sweet on the surface but always plotting something nefarious behind my back. Damn it Tinkerbell, you sneaky bitch!

I had a chicken this morning have a hard time getting an egg out. She squawked and yelled for quite a bit before it came out. Her screams were a mood, my mood.

Ok gotta get this out of my head. So I have the ADHD and all that right. I want to do a deep clean and throw out a shit load of stuff in the house. We have lots of paperwork and crap we can't donate and I want to throw it in the dumpster. The dumpster is down the alley at the bottom of the hill though. What I want is for my husband to move the dumpster (he can, he has the tractor to do it) to the front yard so I can just take things straight out the front door to the dumpster. He doesn't want to do that. And so, I cannot execute my deep clean and purge plan because in my messed up brain I had a plan and it felt right, and now it feels wrong. Anyone have this issue? No, just me?

I was supposed to be checking emails this morning and instead I decided to write reviews on Amazon for shit I bought but make the reviews sounding. I really hope they approve them, I'd totally buy that stuff based on my badass review. Just sayin'.

I have a bunny that lives in my yard. I don't care if she eats my plants, she's super cute and fuzzy.

Ok I now and hungry and think I have blackberries in the fridge! Yummmm!

Toodles! ~Me

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Lecia Patrick
Lecia Patrick
27 de ago. de 2022

Lol! I just loved this. I feel like often. We have a neighbor who complains to the high heavens if the dumpsters are full. The last time she fussed at the boys , I wanted to stuff her in it! Yes, we recycle, we drop off at good will, anything large and unusable either turns into firewood, cut for crafts or goes to the dump. Ugh! She makes me crazy! I digress- I loved your message. Blessings to you and all reading my rant.💕🙏🏼🌺

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