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Planners & Books

The Witch's Planner

Plan your witchcraft activities and tasks all in one planner! This is a coil-bound planner for ease of use and can be laid flat.

This planner has a spell tracker, a witchy to-do list, monthly and weekly tarot/oracle card spreads, a bitching and blessing list, and more! This is a full year to record your witchcraft practice and use later to look back and use for reference!

Witch's Planner Ringed Notebook Planner
Herbal Grimoire

Welcome to your herbal grimoire! This is where you will store all your herbal and apothecary knowledge. This is a coil-bound planner for ease of use and can be laid flat. There are pages for individual herbs as well as recipe pages to create your own kitchen witchery, bath and body products, incense, oil blends, and whatever your witchy heart desires. There is even a spot for you to draw the herb or dry and tape a sample on the page.

Herbal Grimoire Ringed Notebook for herbal information and recipes
Peek Inside!
These are a few of the pages you'll find in the Witch's Planner!
There is much more to this planner! Get yours to start organizing your witchcraft practice!
Peek Inside!
These are the pages you'll find in the Herbal Grimoire. The pages are filled with different background images of herbs/flowers and the pages are a beautiful cream antique looking color.
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